MasterSeries have been pioneering in the development of structural steel design software for more than 30 years, bringing you an unrivaled level of sophistication, combined with complete control

Complex 3d structural steel design model in MasterFrame
Steelwork analysis and design

In all modules in the MasterSeries Steel Design range, you'll find superb levels of analysis and design integration. The perfect balance between automation and engineering control. Complete yet concise on screen design output. Feature rich design options giving total flexibility. Technically advanced design, giving you complete confidence and ultimate efficiency.

Whats' more, all the design aspects of MasterSeries use a truly interactive design approach, whereby the full detailed design report of a building component is always displayed, and instantly updated with changes to design parameters. No black boxes, and no digging for the detailed design information you require. We call this "Real-time Design", and it delivers the ultimate engineering control you need.

For detailed information, please click on one of our steel design products below.

Steel Products
MasterSeries: Building Design Suite

The Building Design Suite brings together the core MasterSeries analysis, design and BIM software components to provide the ultimate 3D building design solution for large & medium multi-material building projects

MasterSeries: PowerPad

MasterSeries PowerPad is the essential structural analysis and design suite for small building projects. This Lite version of MasterSeries is the ideal software for Engineers who require a wide range of design capabilities at an extremely affordable price

MasterPort: Portal Frames Plus

Advanced analysis and design of elastic-plastic 3D portal frames and ancillary steel work. Design to Eurocode, British Standard, and SABS.

MasterPort: Portal Frames

Advanced analysis and design of elastic-plastic 2D portal frames. Design to Eurocode, British Standard and SABS.

MasterKey: Steel Section Design

Design of members in steel structures analysed using MasterFrame, or MasterPort. Design to Eurocode, British Standard and South African codes

MasterBeam: Steel Continuous Beam Designer

Interactive analysis and design of simple, cantilever and continuous steel beams and sub frames. Design to Eurocode, British Standard, and SABS.

MasterBeam: Steel Single Beam Designer (Free)

Free analysis and design of single span simple and cantilever steel beams. Design to the Eurocode, British Standard and SABS.